The philosophy, which has driven the success of OTM, is that every athlete is important.

Each and every athlete receives gold medal winning attention at OTM.


Veronica Campbell-Brown


  Event:  60m/100m/200m/400m

  PB:        7.00/10.76/21.74/52.24

  DOB:         May 15, 1982

  Country:   Jamaica

  Sponsor:   adidas

  Coach:       Omar Brown

Steven Gardiner


Event:      200m/400m

PB:           19.75/43.48

DOB:        Sept. 12, 1995

Country:  Bahamas

Sponsor:  adidas

Coach:      Gary Evans



Chrisann Gordon


  Event:       400m

  PB:            50.13

  DOB:         Sept. 18, 1994

  Country:   Jamaica

  Sponsor:   adidas

  Coach:      Gary Evans



Kendra 'Keni' Harrison


  Event:    60mH/100mH/400mH

  PB:            7.70/12.20/54.09

  DOB:         Sept. 18, 1992

  Country:   USA

  Sponsor:  adidas  

  Coach:     Edrick Floreal

   Shaunae Miller-Uibo


     Event:    100m/200m/400m

     PB:         11.19/21.74/48.37

     DOB:         April 15, 1994

     Country:   Bahamas

     Sponsor:   adidas, BTC

     Coach:     Lance Brauman

  Chanice Porter


  Event:        LJ/HJ

   PB:            6.67m/1.86m

   DOB:         May 25, 1994

   Country:   Jamaica

   Sponsor:  Puma 

   Coach:      Petros Kyprianou

  Andrew Riley


  Event:    60m/60mH/100m/110mH

   PB:          6.57/7.53/10.02/13.14

   DOB:          Sept. 6, 1988

   Country:    Jamaica

   Sponsor:   Puma

   Coach:      Mike Holloway

  Sha'Keela Saunders


  Event:       Long Jump

   PB:           6.89m(out),6.90m(in)

   DOB:        Dec. 12, 1993

   Country:  USA

   Sponsor:  adidas

   Coach:      Edrick Floreal

  Jeannelle Scheper


  Event:    High Jump (HJ)

   PB:        1.96M

   DOB:     Nov. 21, 1994

   Country:   St. Lucia

   Sponsor:   adidas, Digicel

   Coach:  Marlies Larsen

  Ashley Spencer


 Event:         400m/400mH

 PB:              50.28/53.11

 DOB:           June 8, 1993

 Country:      USA

 Sponsor:    Nike, ShOO Nail Polish

 Coach:   Tonja Buford-Bailey

 Maicel Uibo


 Event:         Decathlon

 PB:              8604 Pts.

 DOB:           Dec. 27, 1992

 Country:     Polva, Estonia

 Sponsor:    adidas


 Jelani Walker


 Event:         100m/200m

 PB:              10.31/21.28

 DOB:           June 10, 1998

 Country:     Jamaica

 Sponsor:    adidas

 Coach:       Lance Brauman