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Shaunae, on her way to class (copyright Shaunae Miller)

“Hello everyone! The month of August was a slow but exciting period for me. It marked the end of my track season for 2014 and signalled the start of my academic year.

“During this month, I did an overview of myself and my career, analysing where and I was and what I am hoping to accomplish; and I am now quite pleased with the road ahead!

“As I stated before my season was shut down after the Commonwealth Games. I thank God that I was able to come out of it healthy, even though I did not perform the way I wanted to. I had high expectations for the Games, but it was just not to be this time around. It was my first appearance at the ‘Friendly Games’ and I look forward to future participations.

“After the Commonwealths, I got the chance to spend a few days with my family back home in The Bahamas. It is always nice to be able to spend time with them and I used the opportunity to encourage and advise my little sister (Shaunece) and brother (Shaun), on the importance of staying in school and achieving one’s goals.

“Shaunece told me that she wants to also be an athlete – a 400m runner, I wonder why, LOL! - and to break every record that I have set, as well as establish some records I have not been able to set.

“Shaun added that he wants to be a professional basketball player. While it made me feel good to hear them say that they want to accomplish much more than me, I had to caution them about the discipline and volume of work that is essential to get to the top and stay there.

“August, of course, means for this athlete ‘back to school’. I got back to the University of Georgia campus during the second week in August and reunited with my room mate Chanice Porter, the Jamaican jumper.

“I enjoy having Chanice as my room mate because we have known each other since our days as junior athletes in the Caribbean. When I won the World Youth 400m title, Chanice won the long jump.

“School also started that week, and I'm now in my junior (third) year, which I am very excited about. I am also stunned that it is also now three years since I arrived in campus here in Athens, Georgia.

“My off-season has been pretty low-keyed and brief, as being a student-athlete means one seldom has an extended break. I look forward to the day I graduate so I can focus full-time on my career as an athlete.

“I am now resting and trying to make sure I am physically 100 per cent before I start my training again.”